Rules of Center Usage

  1. The regular working hours of the Center are clearly displayed at the entrance and on The Center reserves the right to change the working hours at any time and to inform the User electronically. A change in working hours cannot be the basis for extending the duration of an active Service Package or a reason for a refund to the User of the Center.
  2. Users must leave the Center premises by its closing time as indicated by the Center’s working hours. Users whose Package implies limited usage times must leave the Center according to the restrictions of the chosen Package.
  3. Upon entering the Center, the User must register at the entrance door, show the Membership Card, and duly register their visit at the Central reception. Registration is mandatory for every Center Guest and is possible only with a valid photo ID (identity card, driver’s license, or passport). The Center’s staff will check the User’s Membership Card and its validity, and if necessary, verify the User’s identity based on a photo ID. The User must comply with any request for identity verification. If the User loses the Membership Card, they are obliged to replace it according to the current price list.
  4. Users who borrow textiles or locker and/or safe keys are obliged to return all borrowed items to the designated place before leaving the Center. In case of loss of borrowed items, the User must compensate for the loss according to the current price list before leaving the Center premises.
  5. The Center is not liable for the disappearance of User belongings, money, and valuables, including liability for compensation for damages to the User of the Center. Center Users accept the obligation not to bring particularly valuable items into the Center.
  6. All items found in the Center will be kept in the Center for a period of 30 (thirty) days from the finding date. Perishable items will not be kept by the Center.
  7.  After completing individual use of the Center, the User is obliged to remove all their belongings from lockers and safes and return the keys to the reception. It is prohibited to leave belongings in the Center premises after the User has left the Center.
  8. Cancellation of fitness services (personal training, scheduled weighing, duo personal training, etc.) is allowed no later than 12 hours before the scheduled service appointment, by phone. Otherwise, the User is fully responsible for the cost of the requested service. All information regarding the cancellation of scheduled services is recorded at the Center reception.
  9.  All services at the Center can be paid for via the web shop exclusively with cards or at the Central reception, in cash or with payment cards accepted by the Center. The User can also pay for services and products via the account of a legal entity, as well as from their personal current account. If it is found that any service was paid directly to a Center employee, the User’s Service Package will be terminated due to their fault.
  10. Entry into the sports halls of the Center is allowed only in clean sportswear and footwear. Before using any of the exercise equipment in the gym, it is necessary to place a towel on the equipment.
  11. Before using the sauna, it is mandatory for each User to shower. Entry into the sauna is allowed in swimwear (swimming trunks and shorts for men and one-piece or two-piece swimsuits for women). Shaving is prohibited in the saunas.
  12. The User has the right to receive introductory instructions and explanations of exercise procedures for each piece of equipment without any additional charge for such a service.
  13. The Center User must be insured against potential injuries; otherwise, they exercise at their own risk. The Center User must undergo a medical examination in accordance with the Law on Sports (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 10/2016). The Center is not responsible for any injury or health damage. All Users are obliged to thoroughly check their health and the effects of any medication they use on their ability to use the Center before using the services and facilities, and if they fail to do so or do not accept the advice of their doctor, they act solely at their own risk. The User will not use the Center’s equipment and facilities if they are unsure whether such use is harmless to them, and if they use them, they do so solely at their own risk. By signing the Questionnaire and General Conditions for using the Center, the User guarantees the Center that they have undergone a medical examination with a sports medicine doctor and have presented the Center with a certificate proving their ability to engage in sports activities, or that their health condition allows them to use the Center.
  14. Users are required to neatly return all Center inventory to the designated place and adhere to all recommended hygiene measures after use.
  15. Group exercises are conducted according to the schedule posted in the Application. The Center reserves the right to change the schedule, mode of conduct, and instructors responsible for this type of Package without explaining the reasons for the changes. For certain Packages, advance registration via the application is required, following the rules posted at the reception or on the notice board.
  16. The Center reserves the right to change the engaged personal trainer without explaining the reasons for the change and regardless of the number of remaining paid services.
  17. The aforementioned changes in points 16 and 17 cannot be the basis for extending the duration of an active Service Package or a reason for a refund to the User of the Center.
  18. No weapons of any kind are allowed in the Center. No User, even if they have a permit to carry weapons, may bring weapons into the Center. No weapons are stored in the Center.
  19. Users using the Center’s services and facilities must comply with public order rules without disturbing other Users. Regarding the use of equipment and the capacity of the Center, the rule of precedence of the first User who started using the equipment or capacity applies until the capacity limit designated for the respective equipment or capacity is reached.
  20. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Center.
  21. Users are prohibited from entering official and technical premises of the Center.
  22. The use of the Center in a state of intoxication, drug-induced stupor, or any other unauthorized state that negatively affects the User’s state of consciousness is prohibited.
  23. The use of the Center is prohibited for individuals with skin damage or skin diseases. Center staff may prohibit the use of the Center for individuals with skin damage and visible signs of skin diseases.
  24. Photography and filming for the benefit of third parties (legal and natural persons) without the approval of the Club Administration is prohibited in the Center.
  25. No food or drink is allowed to be brought into the Center.
  26. The Center has the right to immediately remove any User who violates the General Terms and Conditions of Center use.